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iCatholicMusic is a ministry of The Station of the Cross, a nonprofit Catholic radio network that gives us the ability, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, to reach even more souls using the power of music and inspiring content.

Our Vision

In today’s world, where the media ceaselessly try to draw us away from Christ, iCatholicMusic provides the Catholic faithful with music and content to combat the ugliness of sin with what is true, good and beautiful.

“The world in which we live runs the risk of being altered beyond recognition because of unwise human actions which, instead of cultivating its beauty, unscrupulously exploit its resources for the advantage of a few and not infrequently disfigure the marvels of nature. What is capable of restoring enthusiasm and confidence, what can encourage the human spirit to rediscover its path, to raise its eyes to the horizon, to dream of a life worthy of its vocation — if not beauty?”

– Pope Benedict XVI | 11/22/09 ~ Address to Artists

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