The Station of the Cross Uses Music & Technology to Spread the Faith

BUFFALO, NY – The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network’s new iCatholicMusic stream and accompanying mobile app are poised to attract a new generation of technology-savvy listeners seeking inspirational Catholic music from top artists across the United States.

The iCatholicMusic stream, available on, broadcasts music that inspires listeners to live the Gospel message and become engaged in the Catholic faith. Contemporary music by top Catholic artists is featured on weekdays and Saturdays, while traditional liturgical music, including Gregorian chant, is played Sunday mornings.

The music communicates good Christian messages and the truths of Catholic teaching in an entertaining, uplifting and positive way. Featured Catholic artists include Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Sarah Hart, Collin Raye, The Josh Blakesly Band, Dan Francis, Dana Catherine, and many more.

Interspersed with music will be messages of hope and inspiration based on solid Catholic teaching. Speakers will range from contemporary Catholic evangelists like Chris Stefanick, Jason and Crystalina Evert, Sarah Swafford, and Leah Darrow to classic speakers like St. Teresa of Calcutta, Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, and Mother Angelica.

“In a world where our news, information and entertainment is literally in the palm of our hands, the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ must also be available to us everywhere we go,” said Jim Wright, the radio network’s co-founder and president. “We are moving into a new era where Catholic music is also be available through our network.”

Made possible by the network’s generous supporters, iCatholicMusic reaches a whole new audience of Catholics and others who are yearning for faith. The network is excited about the potential of iCatholicMusic to attract many listeners.

“iCatholicMusic is reaching people from all walks of life to the Christian message,” said Wright. We want iCatholicMusic to be available to Catholics where they spend their time, which is often on the Internet and their mobile apps.”

The iCatholicMusic stream is also available on the iCatholicMusic App, which is now available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

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